Tuesday, May 29, 2007

#21 Google Labs

Google Voice Local Search was the first thing I tried on the Google Labs' site and it worked liked a dream. I gave a business name (Rudy's Barbershop) and they listed the 5 locations and I uttered the one I wanted and was connected in less than a minute. (Faster than calling the Answer Line? Possibly.)

Next I exported (!) my Bloglines subscriptions to the Google Reader and installed a widget on my Blog for shared news items. I like the tagging feature of Google Reader harking back of course to my fondness for Library Thing and its tags. Of course, it also spurred me to read my feeds which cost about a half hour of progress on 27 Things as I shared, starred, tagged and emailed on the new Google Reader. I stopped short of adding it to my mobile phone.

Google Trends is amusing and possibly helpful at work since I don't know what half the citations are! Today, not a big news day, brought us:

1. dena schlosser (murderer)

2. kristen wiig (SNL star)

3. deanna laney (another murderer)

4. rita mori (Miss Universe)

but, best of all, I discovered a blog whose writer actually does the NYT crossword puzzle every day. http://rexwordpuzzle.blogspot.com/ *This* really is something we can use at Answer Line.

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