Tuesday, May 29, 2007

#22 Web 2.0 Award Winners and Webware

The first Webware article which grabbed me was one about a new Zoho Notebook but further reading brought up serious glitches (disappearing content) although the designer commented that these problems have now been smoothed out. From here I found out about Google Notebook, Netvibes http://www.netvibes.com/, Clipmarks http://www.clipmarks.com/(bookmarking service) and simplest of all, Notefish, which provides a sample of gathering online data such as all one needs for a trip to New York http://www.notefish.com/notes.php?p=122 or to purchase a laptop http://www.notefish.com/notes.php?p=162 I would have to sign up for each to really evaluate them (perhaps someone already has) but they sound perfect for public computer users at the library and student or work groups working on team projects.

Web 2.0 awards under Books brought up nothing new until I spied http://reader2.com/ which was interesting in its links to the "global world takeover project" under Honorable Mentions.

MyFilmz - social list of movies.
MyProgs - social list of programs.
TagFacts - social knowledge base.
Bank of Ideas - social list of ideas.

It may be time for KCLS to link to these kinds of collecting and/or tagging sites if we cannot streamline our book bags and checkout lists for our patrons' use.

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