Wednesday, May 16, 2007

#20 Google Docs and Zoho

I find Zoho more fun because it has the planning function which I use fairly often, making to do lists, adding notes to myself, book titles, etc. kind of an electronic organizer online. I tried to use the Google Docs to create a history of my book club's titles, working from someone else's Excel doc which caused me lots of table/cell grief, but the potential is there to share and to add to if I spend some time (not on the phone) figuring out this bonus from Google.
Both of these would be useful in a library setting as they would anywhere a shared document need be created and edited. I've already alerted an out-of-town traveling buddy who loves to organize our trips.

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Curtis said...

I like Google Docs too. See, I'm trying to set up a place where the teachers at my school can publish and modify lesson plans, reproducibles, etc. The problem is: we can't download plug-ins (like Zoho) without IT falderall. Google groups would be a good place to get out info, but there's no way to create folders and organize files. Any suggestions, MK Pluma?