Thursday, April 5, 2007

Library Thing

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No introduction needed to Library Thing for me. Search my library to the left. I'm already a big fan with many books entered and I am fascinated by the social aspects of seeing who has my books, what they have in their own libraries, how they review them and the conversations generated in the groups including Librarians Who Library Thing. While Gurulib has the same listing capabilities, it lacks the social aspects and group functions that I enjoy in Library Thing. Shelfari is more interesting because it offers Reading Lists and Wish Lists but they do not have the extensive bibliographic resources for downloading older or more obscure titles (i.e. libraries all over the world.) Library Thing is just bigger which is another plus if the social links draw you in. Any of these would serve library patrons in keeping lists of what they want to read or have read, plus Library Thing now has a feature directed at libraries where patrons can register at a cost of a nickel per patron. And they will be previewing even more and better things for libraries this weekend in Washington DC:

"LibraryThing for Libraries is composed of a series of widgets, designed to enhancing library catalogs with LibraryThing data and functionality. The achievement is that the widgets require NO back-end integration.

We're serious. Just add a single Javascript tag, and one
tag for every widget you want to display and we do the rest. To make sure the widgets use your library's version of a title and that some widgets only refer to books you have, you also need to upload a file with ISBNs in it—just ISBNs or all mixed together in MARC records or whatever. The whole thing should work with any catalog."

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