Tuesday, March 13, 2007

#6, #7 and #8 of the 27 Things

Either I'm slowing down or the 27 things are speeding up. I feel like I'm panting to keep up with the assignments. Finally explored the mashups a bit last night and created a poster from one of my Flickr photos, thanks to the aid of Advocate Matt. I had so many windows open, I wasn't sure which one I was in at any one time and to whom I had handed my login info. The libary could do realistic posters of actual library events using these mashups, i.e. Connie & Lisa introducing the author at the Book Group Event, Jim in costume doing a story hour, etc. No end of options once we start documenting presentations on camera.

Moved on to Bloglines easily enough and set up an account, added all of the assigned RSS feeds and a few others. Today I managed to track down a library-related site and get back on target. This *is* a work project! I was hunting for Stumpers which I hadn't heard about for awhile and found it has retired, but is now being resurrected on a site called Project Wombat (which didn't have an RSS feed).

The buzz is contagious. All around the room, I can hear queries and exclamations as people tackle the 27 Things.

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